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About Us

Weekly Columnist Feature writer is the main news stage that activities to convey the most recent happenings in the realm of information. Our exceptionally prepared group of writers is given disentangle reality without tainting the data.


It was the October 2019 when a gathering of writer cum bloggers from the India chose to make a non-one-sided news stage for all news perusers across the world. With the progression of time, the stage turned famous and consequently group remembered to extend this assistance of dependable news all over the planet.

Nothing hyper-legitimate or phony, Weekly Columnist Editorialist has faith in giving unobtrusive and latest happenings. The nonstop news serving on the site makes us solid among a huge number of information perusers all over the globe. According to our point of view, we vow to make inclusion of all new happenings of previously mentioned areas.

Our Rationale

Around here at Weekly Columnist Feature writer, our intention is to serve every one of our perusers with every one of the happenings and news all over the country. We expect to make a non-one-sided news stage to an extensive variety of information per users of the US.

Data Sources

Our group of writer tracks down a story from both on the web and disconnected medium, then, at that point, makes a top to bottom pursuit of that to make genuine inclusion. We have assigned our scholars with their mastery class to cause them to convey the best.